"Never stand begging for that which we have the power to earn"

 Avnish realised the fact at a very young age. So, he turned the most powerful tool of our modern times - 'The social media' to a money earning machine. 

He started his career, when he was just 17, and now he is a brilliant fashion and lifestyle blogger. Avi jain, the 20 year-old Hodophile is so passionate about photography that he has almost inundate the whole world in his camera. 

Avi jain, is a man with an altruistic personality, rather than wasting his money on materialistic things, he loves to help needy people. 

With strong dedication and fire in his eyes, he transformed the whole world to his family. When he was facing the problems jain always thought in his mind "everything is already written just go with the flow and hustle hard one day you will reach your destination" 

Not only Bijolia, his hometown, but one day the whole nation will be proud of this extraordinary guy. He loves to connect with people and we can easily be a member of his family on Instagram - @avijain531. We will be embraced by his amazing big ideas soon.