Indian musician Sanjay S Yadav

Sanjay S Yadav

Sanjay S Yadav

Sanjay S Yadav : Indian Music Director & Pianist

Today's generation desires popular music associated bass songs however an creator is amusing the globe his piano emotional performances.

Sanjay S Yadav, a seventeen years recent boy from the town of Tansen Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. associate freelance creator together with his distinctive talent, Sanjay S Yadav is associate freelance digital creator, he will play over five instruments as well as Piano, guitar, xylophone, bass, kongo etc., Sanjay S Yadav is well knowned for his piano's performance, Sanjay S Yadav is associate Indian player, songwriter, music musician and musician. He has done thirty seven live music concerts in two years. Sanjay S Yadav is that the founding father of 7F Star Music Studio. He has done ten music concerts in numerous states, he need grow all the freelance artists. he's promoting the freelance artists in his State. His latest album is with a proficient creator from chambal Ankit Sharma higher called "Drug 06" during a music album "Fark Nhi" and another album with Divyam Agarwal "Naseeb Se" and he's promoting Sibhu Sharma's debut album "Duniya".

Now he's operating with associate Indian Dj "DJ TEJAS" in his another EDM additionally with Kendra heath, he has worked three times with indian playback singer Yasser Desai's music album "main aashiq banya" he was the musician and author of the song and a music album with Grammy award winner "Warrenhuart".

He has won few awards in music and his best best award was from service club Club in his best performance in music.

Sanjay S Yadav could be a major player of piano he has worked for Taxi Wars and Beethoven in his music album serious music Moonligh and fur elise. His most made album is serious music Moonlight And Filhaal The Piano album he's solely seventeen years recent and have currently several fans within the world. He was born on 03 Gregorian calendar month 2003 in Gwalior.