Education is the master key to unlock all the mysterious aspects of nature. And Shannon Nogueira, the 24 year old prodigy from Mumbai has taken over the responsibility of distributing the master keys on his shoulders.

With his sensational efforts, starting from the scratch, today he has built a majestic education hub, with a wide range of 40+ courses. Today, his organization has reached the peaks of the sky, being internationally acclaimed and recognized by several news portals and magazines. 

Not only technically sound, the organization takes the responsibility of growth of student in every field. From hobbies to extracting the real artist from a student is the prime objective of the organization. 

And what motivated Shannon to reach at such heights, is the dedication of his team members towards work. And Shannon also acknowledges them as his family members.Because even in the hard times, it was his team, that was always a source of constant support for him. Learning from problems is the ultimate key of success for the organization. 

Acknowledgement of work is something that really inspires and provides goosebumps to a hustler to achieve more in life. And Shannon has also been awarded as the Most Inspiring Young Professional in the field of education. 

And Shannon has a vision of expanding his education hub to a large extent and soon we will be embraced by many new projects by the young champ.