Shivam singh a 17 years old boy making his name in Digital world, speak about his business journy .

Shivam singh a 17 years old boy making his name in Digital world, speak about his business journy .you know it's said that time may be a man’s biggest friend and foe. One must be absolutely perfect in managing his time cause we've only got a couple of it. One must properly utilize his time accordingly so as to form the foremost of situations.When asked to Shivam singh that how he achieved such a lot at a really young age, he replied by saying time is that the most precious asset one can understand, nothing happens overnight it takes tons of to realise something. Success may be a slow process but it's completely worthwhile .Shivam singh may be a Digital entrepreneur Born and live km Bihar. He was born on 13 Oct 2003. He is the founder and  the current CEO of The Digital Dude .The Digital Dude could also be an entire digital media agency that partners with all types of companies to need their business online and help them in Connecting with Modern Technology.Shivam had a very rough start, but with the hard work and dedication he make his dream come true. he wasn't that good at studies but he was never a quitter.So he  pushed himself up and tried to finish his basic education through distance learning. he sure knew one thing that he could be bad at remembering dates and perhaps solving equations but he can sure be a great digital Leader.He completely started that specialise in increasing his knowledge through reading. He started learning tons about all the aspects of digital marketing. He really marketing digitally as he says that through digital marketing one can see the end in a brief span of your time and may make adjustments to their strategy accordingly. He actually realised that his interest made him specialized in marketing.Due to shivam's creativity and excellent execution, he start his business from support local business and proviy the modern technology in Bihar. making him one among the youngest self-made entrepreneur. As of now, his firm is handling the social media of the  famous politicians and celebrities within the country. Even after achieving such a lot at such a young he always stays humble and lives within the reality of the planet .