Living a regular steady and boring life was never a option for the young hustler from Panvel.

Sumit Patil gave an expeditious boost to his life by his marvelous entry on the most sensational digital platform-YouTube. 

In his initial days of career, he was embracing his audience with his brilliant dance videos,  but due to some circumstances he wasn't able to choreograph anymore.

Analyzing the atmosphere on YouTube, he decided to come up with a tech channel which would be unique and hadn't seen never before. The wonderful amalgamation of humour and tech astonished the audience, but due to lack of sponsorship and any marketing agency company, it was becoming difficult for the champ to afford all those expensive gadgets for the videos.

But it's truly said, a determined person also paves out his way, even in hard and drastic conditions. In this pandemic era, he engrossed himself on social media platforms and increased his reach in a magnificent way.

With this engagement on Instagram ,not only he retained his earlier audience but also gained new ones.

And soon he is coming with something extraordinary, as he is consistently polishing his skills and soon his name will definitely be in the list of popular video creators of the world.