COVID and our Daily Life

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An article by Harshpreet Kaur on today’s life and how it has been affected by the pandemic.

Coronavirus, we all are well acquainted with this term today. Well the life was going much better and soon we get up hearing about this pandemic. And here we are in a locked down state.

While many of us are living life with privileges, having food and all other necessary items available at home on the other hand, we can see people wandering around either in search of money or food to feed their families. 

Whenever we switch to news or any social media posts what we see is people dying either due to the infectious disease, hunger or some accident or some other reason. We are in a situation where none of us can predict the future. Just sitting in stress and dilemma of how to spend time and use the resources in a judicious manner. What adds up more to the stress is the situation going on around the world and when we read or hear about it getting worse. 

We spend most of the time either on our social media platforms or binge-watching and eating. What else can we do as we are expected to stay at home? Well here we have a list of things we can do to spend the time more judiciously. 

  • Spend time with family - usually the parents aren’t able to give enough time to their children as they are involved in their respective works. So this provides you with an ample amount of time with family and children.
  • Refine your skills- almost all of us have our specific interests from cooking, dancing, art, singing and so on. We can give time in improving ourselves in our specific fields of interest. 
  • Give time to your health- well what matters most is your health and if you are healthy enough with a good immune system then who knows you can be a warrior as well. Take some time for your health. Have a proper exercise schedule for you and your family. 
  • Introspect yourself- we all know that in our daily routines we hardly get time for ourselves. So in this period we can take some time out and introspect ourselves. 
  • Connect - Connect with the people who are far from you and you aren’t able to meet them. Try to keep a check on your loved ones. Connect with those who are part of your family but you cant go and meet them. 
  • Relax - what we need the most in these testing times is our mind at peace. So just relax and stay positive that soon everything will be normal and fine. 

I have mentioned only a few ways, there might be many more ways with people to spend their time judiciously.   

It’s not a situation from which we can come out in a click. It’s a pandemic and not just that we need to learn to live with this. We need to learn to remember taking the precautionary measures to save ourselves. We need to keep our immune system strong. As we cannot stop growing due to this virus. Might we be in a lockdown right now. That’s just to handle the situations up to an extent. But soon it will be opened. Then we can’t stop going out, we can’t avoid the necessary works. As per the recommendations by WHO we need to learn to live with it. 

Whenever we come out of this situation we all will be more stronger than ever. We will be more selfless and helpful. We will be more caring towards others and will not take things for granted. We will value our lives, our relations and our belongings more than ever.

We can see the leaders of the nations trying their best to control this pandemic and we need to support all their orders and steps to save ourselves and keep others safe as well. In these testing times we need to stand out together as humans forgetting all sorts of discriminatory lines, from caste, creed, religion and so forth and the political notions. 

Let’s do the best we can and rest leave upon god as the prayers will surely be answered.

Stay safe, stay healthy

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